James Morton, Kirkland

We were selling our place and needed to have the hardwoods refinished.  Evergreen was a great company to work with.  Tyler actually scheduled the estimate during a time that worked great for us and by the time I booted up my computer the next day I already had Evergreen’s estimate .  I priced the job with a few flooring companies and Evergreen was the most competitive as well as extremely professional.  When it came time to do the work, we left a key under the mat and left the house for the weekend to be away from the Swedish finish.  Tyler and his crew were very thorough in masking off unaffected areas and they taped off all the base molding to protect it from damage.  Tyler goes above and beyond.  He even came back a day after he was done, (knowing that we were to return the following day) to open the windows for ventilation.  That kind of  “above and beyond” attitude and way of doing business is why I would highly recommend Evergreen Hardwoods to anyone who is looking to get hardwood flooring work done.  The floors look better than they did when they were first laid.  Overall experience A+!

Adam Thornber, Seattle

We purchased our house several years ago and have been slowly remodeling room by room.  One of the last, and most important, components of the remodel involved refinishing all of the original Fir floors (nearly 100 years old).  It was a task too daunting to take on myself.  Fir floors are especially soft and great care must be taken to make sure the surface is finished evenly.  Old fir floors are even more tricky as great care must be taken as to not sand too deeply or aggressively. The floors needed a complete sanding and refinishing.

I found Tyler (Evergreen Hardwood Flooring) through a local directory and he immediately responded to my request for a quote.  He responded not only to a phone call but was also familiar with email and text messaging (it’s refreshing to get contractors that communicate via email and sms). We coordinated a time to come by for an estimate and he was prompt and professional throughout the process.  His estimate arrived via email and he was very clear on the details of the job and frank about any concerns he had about the condition of the floor.

I accepted his estimate and we scheduled a time for the refinishing to begin.  He was very accommodating to our schedule, showed up on time, and quickly proceeded to do an Excellent Job.  He did a very thorough sanding and paid extra attention to some difficult areas.  He then applied the finish of our choosing quickly and evenly.  When the job was finished to our approval, he cleaned up all of his tools and left no trace of his presence other than the great looking floors.

Ryan and Jenny Theune, Bellevue

We had our wood floors fully refinished.  Tyler sanded, sealed, addressed stained areas, replaced a few boards and finished it all with a Swedish finish.  It looks fantastic!

I would highly recommend anyone looking to have their home floors worked on to contact Tyler Lutz at Evergreen Hardwood Flooring.  We had just purchased a home built in 1953 and the floors were really beat up.  We had stains, cuts in the floors from when carpet was pulled and other types of hard wear and tear. Tyler and his team were able to take care of it all! What impressed me the most with Tyler and his team at Evergreen Hardwood was not just their fantastic work on our wood floors, but their promptness and their ability to do what they said they were going to do.  Their word was truly their bond which in our experience of home repair, unfortunately, has not always been the case. They always showed up on time and were respectful of our schedule and simply got the job done.

Our floors look AMAZING!  Anything that has to do with wood floors I would highly recommend Tyler Lutz and Evergreen Hardwood Flooring for the job.  You’ll be very pleased.